.Eco-friendly watercraft constructed of renewable, natural resources

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Wood & Canvas Canoe Restorations and Repair
by Gordy Blair

A well seasoned Tool n' Canoe Wrangler / Craftsman / Automotive Technician / Preservation Specialist
Jack of most trades / Outdoorsman / Artist / Pursuer of life on the water and trails less traveled


Benefits of Ownership
  • Gentle on the environment
  • No fossil fuels required
  • No water pollution
  • Quiet - no noise pollution
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to transport
  • Renewable construction
  • Good for your body
  • Great for your soul


"Cedar Moon"

The canoe is an enduring symbol of wilderness and freedom throughout North America.

Other ventures I enjoy along with canoe restorations

(and other) Vehicle Restorations
(a collection of my automotive related craftsmanship)
1969 Silver Streak
Deluxe Atlas Travel Trailer
(a work in progress)
1977 Ford Bronco Sport
1935 Oldsmobile 2-door
Trunk-back Touring Sedan
1961 Morris Minor 1000
1997 Ford F250 4x4
Powerstroke Diesel
1951 Ford F1
(work in progress)
1990 Mazda Miata
1999 Jaguar XK8

Artistic work
Visit Whispering Pines art gallery
(a collection of my art and photography)


Everybody must believe in something, I believe I'll go canoeing
                                                                                          - Henry David Thoreau


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