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"Paddle in Paradise"

Wood & Canvas Canoes
Canoe Restorations and Repair
Boulder, Colorado
Canoe Art
by Gordy Blair




Arrowhead Bow Decal Art -
St. Louis Boat & Canoe Company,
Circa 1941

Do you have an old decal or insignia plate from your canoe or boat that you need a reproduction of? There is a good chance that I can re-create it as an identical reproduction for use on your craft.

A wonderful gift idea, you might consider having it reproduced as a large piece of art-work such as the one on the right to hang in your cabin.

me for more information.

"Worn, torn and aged to perfection"

Splendid memories from paddling hundreds of  knots and glorious evening campfires!


An avid Canoeist since I was old enough to hold a paddle in my hands, I was fortunate to have discovered the quiet, romantic beauty of roaming about on backcountry lakes or floating down miles of rivers.
Born and raised in Michigan, "Cedar Moon" depicts the early morning hours spent paddling on Blue Lake, located in the northern part of the state.

During my teenage youth, as others slept in the warmth of the cabin I would venture out in the morning darkness to paddle Dad's old "Arrowhead" cedar and canvas canoe. Ah, this was my escape! Perched atop a severely worn cane woven seat with fishing gear lying across the wood planking under my feet, I was free to explore the magical, morning wonders of nature - my personal version of paradise.
There was nothing to compare of the damp chill and the refreshing, wonderful scent of mist and cedar in the air before dawn. My soul was always touched with the eerie waking call of a Loon far across the water. And as nature would allow it, once again the sun would make it's grand entrance, promising yet another fine day out on the lake.
Happy paddling,


"Cedar Moon"

"Pit Stop"
Taking a break traveling along Route 66, enjoying a warm Arizona afternoon

"Pit Stop"


"Monday Afternoon"
Actually, any afternoon is a bit more pleasant spending time paddling on open water.



"Monday Afternoon"

"Jewel of the Elk"
- inspired while paddling
Elk Lake by canoe,
Vancouver Island,
British Columbia

"Jewel of the Elk"


"Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness"


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