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Wood & Canvas Canoes
Canoe Restorations and Repair



Peterborough Canoe Restoration Project

(original condition)

Click here for more photos of the Peterborough project.


Upcoming Restoration Projects

1941 Arrowhead

1965 Old Town sailing canoe

1915 Old Town Canoe


Parts of a Canoe: Optional Canoe Features:

  1. Bow - the front of the canoe
  2. Stern - the back end of the canoe
  3. Hull - the main outer shell of the canoe
  4. Seat (whitewater canoes may have a foam 'saddle' in place of a seat)
  5. Thwart - a horizontal crossbeam near the top of the hull
  6. Gunwale (pronounced gunnel) - the top edge of the hull. Usually there is an inner and an outer gunwale running parallel along both edges of the canoe.
  7. Deck: The top "V" shaped pieces at each end of the canoe (under which a flotation compartment or foam block may be located which prevent the canoe from sinking if capsized or swamped)




  1. Yoke - a thwart across the center of the boat to allow one person to carry the canoe, and is sometimes molded to the shape of the shoulders.
  2. Keel - runs along the bottom of the canoe's hull, from the bow to the stern, serving as the foundation or spine of its structure and, depending on its depth, provides some directional control and stability.
  3. Flotation bags - inflatable air bags to prevent swamping the canoe in rapids
  4. Spraydeck - cover to prevent water entering the canoe. A spraydeck (or spraycover or sprayskirt) is a flexible cover for a boat, in particular for a kayak or a canoe. The portion of the hull between the waterline and the top of the gunwale is called freeboard.


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